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Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000 Формат: DVD (PAL) (Super jewel case) Дистрибьютор: SONY BMG Russia Региональный код: 0 (All) Количество слоев: DVD-9 (2 слоя) Звуковые дорожки: Английский PCM Stereo Английский инфо 8729f.

От издателя Imagine you've been given a carte blanche pass to follow Pearl Jam on their 2000 North American tour Now take 28 songs performed in 19 different cities (with the band's hometown, Seattle, gettingашлфб the lion's share of five songs), and capture them for posterity, courtesy of three PJ crewmembers, who formed a kamikaze documentary unit with handheld video cameras In the words of frontman Eddie Vedder (whose liner notes are dated February 14, 2001), this three-houбибэзr DVD is "in some ways the visual equivalent of the bootlegs that have been released in the past year a basic document of what may occur at any given Pearl Jam concert" Well, it's all that and more The gritty, homespun approach is totally appropriate for the band's no-frills performance of straightforward, superlative rock & roll, and the sound recording is nothing less than spectacular, especially if you honor Vedder's request to "PLEASE PLAY THIS MOVIE LOUDбреънq" Singling out highlights is like trying to pick a favorite child; every viewer will have favorites, and every choice is justified The death of grunge is Pearl Jam's blessing Having proven its endurance, the band flourishes in the absence of overexposure Everyone's in peak form (we like the beard, Eddie), and the DVD's bonus features are both fun and substantial, including city, band, and fan montages from PJ's earlier European tour, Todd McFarlane's outstanding animated "Do the Evolution" video, and three songs featuring "Matt Cam," fixed on drummer Matt Cameron, with percussion mixed louder on the Dolby Digital 51 audio track The only possible complaint is the absence of interviews or backstage footage, but that's a trivial quibble It's the music that matters, and as an audiovisual record of PJ's 2000 tour, this DVD was created with all the right priorities Track list: 01 Long Road 02 Corduroy 03 Grievance 04 Animal 05 Gods' Dice 06 Evбтжтхacuation 07 Given To Fly 08 Dissident 09 Nothing As It Seems 10 Evenflow 11 Lukin 12 Not For You 13 Daughter 14 Untitled 15 MFC 16 Thin Air 17 Leatherman 18 Betterman 19 Nothingman 20 Insignificance 21 I Got Shit 22 RVM 23 Wishlist 24 Jeremy 25 Evolution 26 Don't Go 27 Parting Ways 28 Rocking In The Free World Дополнительные материалы Europe montages: the cities, the band, the fans (145 min) Outtakes of band on US tour, set to the song "Smile" (4 min) Matt Cam footage: "Evacuation," "Even Flow," "In My Tree" Bonus videos: "Evolution" (animated by Todd McFarlane), "Oceans" (never before released in the US; directed by Josh Taft) Актер "Pearl Jam" Pearl Jam Рок-группа из Сиэтла, Вашингтон, образована в 1990 году, работает в стиле "гранж" Популярна в своем направлении наряду с Alice in Chains, Soundgarden и Nirvana Cостав: Майк Маккриди (англ Mike McCready, 1бтфыэ990 - по сей день) - .

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