Puscifer "V" Is For Viagra The Remixes 8mm) (Bonus Track) Исполнитель "Puscifer" инфо 3077h.

Содержание 1 Indigo Children: "JLE Dub" (Mix By Josh Eustis) 2 Trekka: "Desert Porn" (Mix By Lustmord) 3 Momma Sed: "Tandimonium" (Mix By Dave "Rave" Ogilviашммаe And Colin Janz) 4 Sour Grapes: "Late For Dinner" (Mix By Danny Lohner) 5 Country Boner: "Dirty Robot" (Mix By Mat Mitchell And Contradicktator) 6 Drunk With Power: "Hungover And Hostile In Hannover" (Mix By Joey Jordison) бивуу7 Vagina Mine: "Deflowering" (Mix By Paul Barker) 8 Trekka: "The Great Unwashed" (Mix By Aaron Turner) 9 Queen B: "Glitched And Bent" (Mix By Richard Devine) 10 Dozo: "Guns For Hire" (Mix By Lustmord) 11 Queen B: "Narcovice" (Mix Radio Edit By Michael Patterson) 12 Psa, Lol!! 13 Country Boner: "Disco Viagra" (Mix By 8mm) (Bonus Track) Исполнитель "Puscifer".