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Cause Related Marketing Мягкая обложка ISBN 0750644818 инфо 12958h.

Cause Related Marketing's time has come Consumers are demanding greater accountability and responsibility from corporations In an environment where price and quality are increasingly equal; where reputation ашнибand standing for something beyond the functional benefits of a product or service is all, brands are constantly competing for customer loyalty and consumer attention 'Cause Related Marketing' is one of the most exciting areas in marketing today which benefits both busбиглюiness and society 'Cause Related Marketing': * positions Cause Related Marketing in the context of marketing, corporate social responsibility and corporate community investment * explores who cares and why, providing research analysis into corporate and consumer attitudes both in the UK and internationally * uses The Business in the Community Cause Related Marketing Guidelines, written by Sue Adkins and introduced by HRH The Prince of Wales, providing an in depth exploration of thбржпкe key principles and processes thatgo towards creating excellence in Cause Related Marketing * includes vignettes and in depth case studies to provide illustrations of Cause Related Marketing through a spectrum of examples both national and international Sue Adkins, Director of the Business in the Community's Cause Related Marketing Campaign is acknowledged as an international expert She is recognised as having put Cause Related Marketing on the map in the UK and leading the drive to establish Cause Related Marketing as an increasingly legitimate part of the marketing mix in the UK The first book on Cause Related Marketing that puts it into the context of marketing, management of corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility, corporate community investment and philanthropy Backed by the credibility, PR and affinity marketing possibilities created by the 'Business in the Community' branding Backed by credible professional bodies in the marketing sector.

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