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Tactical Management: A Management Model for Challenging Times Издательство: International Thomson Business Press, 1999 г Мягкая обложка, 420 стр ISBN 1861523769 инфо 13471h.

Are you totally satisfied with present levels of customer service, quality and profits throughout your organization? How can your company control and successfully achieve both short and long term objectives? Hашнйыow can you manage your organization effectively within a climate of constant change? The marketplace of the future will demand new levels of adaptability and swiftness It will also demand new levels of compliance and consistency Tactical Management examines this dileбигофmma, the most important issue facing managers today, offering in-depth advice and clear focus for success Tactical Management offers you a complete management model which, when followed, will ensure the achievement of organization objectives This is a confrontational title; itis operations based, it is action oriented, it is about dealing with change and about taking risks The book is designed for anyone on the management team, from section leader to CEO within both public and privбржстate sectors, who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of tactical management This book will enable you to: get an excellent grounding in the principles and practices of a sound and lucid management model; understand how that model can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization; inspire creativity, while at the same time exercising control over work; take specific action in your workplace, while encouraging you to monitor the effects of that action 1st ed edition Автор Уильям Райс-Джонстон William Rice-Johnston.

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