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Windows NT/2000: Thin Client Solutions: Implementing Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame Издательство: New Riders, 2000 г Мягкая обложка, 840 стр ISBN 1-57870-239-9 инфо 13641h.

"Windows NT/2000: Thin Client Solutions: Implementing Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame" provides proven strategies for analyzing, testing, and implementing scalable thin client systems Whetherашнкъ you are deploying Terminal Server under Windows 2000 or NT 40, this guide provides: - Detailed discussion of server, network, and client planning, covering server sizing and availability considerations; - Tips on avoiding common traps encountered during Terminal Serбигпйver implementation; - Guidance on the best uses of thin-client technology in both corporate and emerging ASP environments; - The latest updates to Citrix MetaFrame 18, including Citrix server farms, Program Neighborhood, and NFuse This authoritative reference will help you: - Access applications available on a Terminal Server via the Internet using Citrix's MetaFrame; - Use application compatibility scripts and integration strategies to install and configure applications; - Developбржти and implement a release-management infrastructure around a Terminal Server environment "I admire the breadth of content since the book not only covers the technical issues, but the planning and business needs as well If an administrator needs to decide if any flavor of TS(E) and/or MetaFrame is justified, and if he/she later needs to plan and implement it, this is one stop shopping It's easy to see that the author knows the products well" Stan Spotts, Managing Consultant, Breakaway Solutions, Inc Автор Todd W Mathers.

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