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Great Composers: Mahler Сериал: Great Composers инфо 8254i.

От издателя Mahler was scarcely recognised as a great composer until the middle of the 1960s, when his music started to make a massive impact In 1991, thirty recordings of his symphonies were released in oneашйда month This film explores Mahler's life: his childhood, surrounded by tragedy and abuse; his driven adulthood, torn between life as a composer and conductor, and his passionate and pained love-life This programme examines his music, the supreme expression of philosopбзяьпhical enquiry in music, embracing religion, nihilism, humanism, the revolutionary and the mundane Reconstructions, archive footage, radio interviews, artefacts, private scores, letters, contracts and sculptures are used, along with interviews with many prominent artists and writers The documentary is set in Vienna, Budapest, Hamburg and the Czech Republic Режиссер: Крис Русманис Продюсер: Крис Русманис Творческий коллектив Режиссер Крис Русманис Kriss Rusmanis Актеры брдьн(показать всех актеров) Томас Хэмпсон Thomas Hampson Риккардо Шайи Riccardo Chailly Майкл Томас Michael Tilson Thomas.

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